Swiss Credit for the Unemployed – these possibilities are there!

A Swiss loan for the unemployed first sounds very unrealistic and utopian. In today’s society, unemployment is a social decline for many people. Often, unemployed people are also immediately labeled as Cretz recipients. The chance for this group of people to receive a so-called unemployment loan is therefore very low.

A loan for the unemployed is not always easy to get

But every unemployed person has his own story and his own destiny. Many workers in Germany become unemployed without being in debt, but find a new job within a short time or have already signed a new employment contract. In many cases, unemployment does not last long and there is still money to service a loan.

Why should not a loan be possible for the unemployed here? The important thing is to find a loan broker who can actually arrange a loan for the unemployed.

Why do unemployed people have problems borrowing?

Why do unemployed people have problems borrowing?

In Germany, you will not find a bank for a loan in case of unemployment, because here the credit rating is checked on the basis of proof of income from a gainful employment. Remedy can create Swiss credit for the unemployed. We show you how and where to find this loan. When making a credit application, German banks always carry out a credit check on each applicant. This is done by querying the stored data at the credit bureau.

All current loan commitments and installment payments of the borrower are stored there. Non-adhered repayment obligations for installment loans and the overdrawn current account are also stored at credit bureau.

Anytime you fail to pay on time for a cell phone contract or other contractual obligation, this will result in a negative entry in your credit bureau file. Too many negative entries in the credit bureau lead in most cases to a credit rejection.

Thus, a borrowing from unemployment and negative credit bureau at German banks is already eliminated. A Swiss loan for the unemployed helps here. Here the credit bureau does not matter, since with a Swiss credit no inquiry with the credit bureau is accomplished. There must be other conditions such as guarantor or other collateral.

Is a Swiss loan available to unemployed people without credit bureau?

Is a Swiss loan available to unemployed people without credit bureau?

Loans for the unemployed are also available without credit bureau As described above, there is no credit bureau in countries such as Switzerland, which is why Swiss credit is particularly suitable for the unemployed.

So there can be no entry in the lending of the German credit bureau. This has the advantage of keeping you financially flexible.

If you later have a permanent employment relationship with sufficient income, you can also take out a loan from a bank in Germany.

With a Swiss loan for the unemployed then appears in your credit bureau file no entry on the loan taken.

What are the conditions for an unemployment loan?

What are the conditions for an unemployment loan?

You can only receive an unemployment loan if the repayment of the monthly installments is guaranteed for the bank. German banks are already retiring, as you have to have a permanent employment relationship here.

But a loan for unemployed from Switzerland can help you here. Credit intermediaries look at your entire financial situation and then decide whether a loan can be forgiven or not.

As an unemployed person, you must prove your creditworthiness through collateral such as real estate or valuables. The use of existing home savings contracts and securities is conceivable.

The proof of unemployment benefit 1 in the corresponding amount is usually not sufficient. The receipt of unemployment benefits is limited in time and the chance to fall into the Cretz reference afterwards is not to be underestimated.

That’s why you usually also need a second co-applicant who has sufficient income.

The requirements for a loan for unemployed in the summary:

  • Unemployed only for a minimum age of 18 years
  • Residence must be in Germany
  • Valid ID card must be present
  • Second co-applicant with income must sign with

Increasing the credit chance by a guarantor

As an unemployed, the chance of a loan is virtually non-existent. You need a guarantor or a second co-applicant. He must fulfill the above requirements and have a regular income above the attachment exemption limit.

If you make the loan application in pairs, then there is also the possibility to take out a loan as an unemployed person. In the best case, you have a guarantor who will pay off the loan in case of default on his part.

Do Cretz recipients have a chance of getting a loan?

Cretz recipients alone can not receive a loan. Also, a Swiss loan or a loan without credit bureau is usually not awarded to recipients of unemployment benefit 2. Here the money is just enough to get over the month.

The repayment of credit installments is out of the question here. You really should only apply for a loan if you have a guarantor or a second co-applicant who can prove sufficient income.

Swiss loan for unemployed persons without pre-payment and down payment

As with all loans, it is also important for unemployment loans that there are no pre-costs and hidden fees for the loan application and processing.

With a respectable loan offer no deposit is necessary it is only in the case of a loan a commission due. Otherwise, your application is completely free and without obligation.

Credit for the unemployed with immediate payment

People who are unemployed often need quick financial help. Therefore, an uncomplicated application and in case of a loan commitment an immediate payment is important.

The loan application is usually done in just 3 minutes and therefore can often be made on the same day a statement whether a loan is possible or not. It is best for a co-applicant to apply for the loan.

Since the Swiss credit for unemployed is not registered with the credit bureau, this has no disadvantages in the credit bureau to expect.

If everything fits, the loan can often be taken out the same day.

Conclusion and our Swiss Credit for Unemployed Experiences

Conclusion and our Swiss Credit for Unemployed Experiences

Anyone who is unemployed and needs a loan, usually has the big problem that he can not demonstrate a sufficiently high income from work. If the loan amount is not too high, then a normal loan could also be within the possible range.

With a guarantor or equivalent collateral Swiss loans for the unemployed might be possible. A second co-applicant is almost always the key to successful borrowing, even when unemployed.

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